Pendulum bucket cleaning

Semi- or fully automatic integrated station




Wet or dry cleaning of pendulum elevator buckets

Wet or dry cleaning of pendulum elevator buckets
HUMBERT & POL offers an innovative and patented elevator bucket cleaning module with downstream bucket drying or aspiration system, which can be integrated into existing pendulum bucket elevators. Time-consuming manual cleaning according to product and colour changes can therefore be minimised or even dispensed with completely.
At the end of a conveying run, the cleaning programme then commences on a predetermined cycle. The cleaning nozzles move diagonally to the direction of travel beneath the upturned buckets. Any product residue is thus removed.

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Optimum cleaning results


The exact timing and positioning of the buckets, together with the linear drive fitted with cleaning nozzles, provide for optimum cleaning of the conveyor buckets both from the inside and outside in one operation cycle. The cycle length can be individually adjusted according to the level of contamination.
During wet cleaning the pressure is increased by means of a high pressure cleaner. Results can be improved by use of hot water and cleaning additives. For dry cleaning, low noise and energy efficient flat spray nozzles are utilised.

Upgrade or retrofit a cleaning system


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To achieve a perfectly clean finish in the elevator buckets, the automatic nozzle holders can be set with regard to jet direction, exposure time, hydraulic and air pressure.

Drying / aspiration


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Detailed operation
Elevator buckets are dried by means of hot air. The buckets swing into the ideal position in the dry air zone.
The elevator buckets are dried quickly and in a gentle manner by a hot air current. The conveyor chain is dried separately with compressed air.
Compressed air is used to blow off the elevator buckets in the dry cleaning station. Detached dust and dirty particles are immediately removed by suction.

Special Applications & Options


  • Extension for casing cleandown
    with tank wash nozzles
  • Semi-automatic version
  • Solvent spraying
  • Disinfection